Absolute Mann To Be Square "Bruce"




Absolute Mann Lost & Found " Lucky"



Absolute Mann Love Explosion "KO"



Absolute Mann Boys DOn't Cry "Marilyn"






Multi Ch Ja Ser Namorar Mann X Rachele nel Messico D'Croda



Multi Ch.ShowStar Just Me Ch. Homo Sapiens Du Sac a Malices Ch. Paris Panther Ch. Sporting field's Man In Paris
Ch. Paris Pauline
Ch. Lanmarc Tag You're It Ch.Antares Lanmarc Tahoe
Alryn's Solo Flight
Ch. Lady Be Good Of Gullyridge O'Malley Du Chawia Luky-Luke Du Chawia
L'Aurore Du Quinsant
Ch. Elegant Lady of Gullyridge Wild is The Wind Of Herlaers Town
Briary Gypsy-Girl
Multi Ch.The Sexual Healer Hasue I'm A Pepper Ch. Photoplay Mystery Ch. Shilo's Houdini V Hasue
Ch.Photoplays Prizm
Ch. Hasue Cluelles In California Ch. Jocora Chelsea Darjeeling
Ch. Photoplays Parisienne
Hasue Pretty Woman Ch. Saxon Shore Braveheart Ch. Watch Me Ari Indipendence
Ch. Saxon Shore Golden Nugget
Ch. Phantom Diamond Lace V Hasue Ch. Jacora Chelsea Darjeeling
Ch. Ch. Hasue Time After Time
Senza Luce Giancarlo Ch. Colinas Olimpus Opportunity Ch. Sporting Field Kinsman  
Ch. Naomi Campbell  
Ch. Sporting Field D'Croda Lisa Ch. Sportingfield Hot Topic  
Albelarm Delight  
Multi Ch.D'Croda Kenia e Cosi Ch. Bout D'Souffle Happy Christmas De Gabylene  
Ch. Hello Poupee De Gabilene  
Ch. Skinny Ch. Creme Chantilly de St Tropez  
Ch. Frida